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Why Kale Core?
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How to draw a bathroom?
What is automatic lay-out?
What is the New Space?
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What are Designs?
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Why should I do the style test? Can I redo it ?
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Before starting the design
Automatic lay-out and working on it
Can I use someone else's design?
I want to design it myself
How is my list of materials and estimated cost formed?
How can I have quality visual works of my designs?
Can I produce more than one alternative for a space?
How can I access the designs of the architects in KaleCore?
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What is an AR module?
Product viewing with AR
Plan viewing with AR
Ürün listesine nasıl ulaşırım? Ürünler için alternatiflere nasıl bakarım?
Why should I name my plan?
Why should I name my design?
How is the measurement given? How to take measurements with AR?
How do I view my design, how do I make 3D renderings?
How can I get design support from architects?